Pete is one of the main characters in the series and worked for the Hero Foundation His best friend was Toby Wilkinson. He has a crush on Emily. He was one of first of his friends to download powers from, downloading fire powers (not knowing what he had chose) as a demo power. During virus attack he fights basilisk hand to hand a he was thrown into a pool of raw powers. He absorbed most of the powers. After beating basilisk he went into a coma because his body could not handle with all the powers, the coma triggered so that he would not feel pain dspite the fact he dies 6 times before he is woken up by Jake hunter. He wakes up mad, with cyan, cracked skin. He now has the power to fuse the powers he absorbed to create powerful new powers. He gains the power to absorb force from attacks e.g. Bullets which causes him to grow. He worked with lord eon for a bit before realising he was being used. He goes of to become the leader of Forge, where he make them a pitiful group of downloaders to a power which can go toe to you with the Hero Foundation and the Council of Evil. He gave a virus to Jake saying it would heal his parents but it was a killer virus and in revenge jake gave him a even more powerful virus. He was slowly dying until he attacked NanoMite who stole his powers returning him to normal and it took away the killer virus so he will not die any time soon.

Powers UsedEdit Rise of the Heroes.Edit

Fire, ice beams, flight, X-ray vision

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