Necros (Real name Unknown)was the feared leader of the Council of Evil and possessed the core power of life and death.

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According to, the Dark Hunter, Necros' voice has "a melancholy quality that Grimm started feeling his will to live seeping away."

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Prior to becoming a supervillain, Necros lived in a small town where he met Eric Kirby and Leech. Leech informed Necros of Kirby's magic powers, and the trio began a life of crime. Along the way the trio picked up a crew and became pirates, with Necros as the Captain. During their time together, Necros come down with a terminal condition.

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During a particularly bad storm, Necros and his crew landed on a island, noticing strange glow, Necros and a fellow crew member travelled into the island's jungle. The pair found the source of the glow, a purple crystal, Necros investigated it and upon touching it awoke the power of Life and Death Manipulation, he instructed his crew member to keep it quite and to emphasise his point, he pointed his finger at him, an accidentally unleashed an Energy Blast, burning a hole through the chest of his crew member. It was then that Necros noticed that the symptoms of his disease had cleared up.

Necros respectfully closed the eyes of his dead crew member, and inadvertently Reanimated him.

Necros was killed in a battle for the core power of gravity between Jake Hunter, Leech and himself.

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Necros had one of the 6 core power pendants of gravity.

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